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83295/3 Germany, Austria, Switzerland, 1999

The fact is that, when speaking about certain cities, we actually communicate concerning our images of the city: pictures which often contain clich├ęs, images that everyone has in his head, pictures which endeavor to bring to light site-specific qualities. It is irrelevant here whether the city is New York, Tokyo or Berlin. We harbor within us pictures of almost every cosmopolitan city. Most of these images attempt to extinguish the equalizing aspects of the city in favor of individual qualities.

The theme of this work is the non-specific character of the city. The photographs were taken in various urban centers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Such characteristics as order, chaos, density, anonymity and orientation are interpreted in a photographic manner. These are decisive criteria for the perception of a metropolis at the end of the nineteen-nineties.

The diversity of thematic areas allows various approaches to perceiving the city; the repetition engenders a general validity and comparability.

151 motives