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in operation Singapore 2002/2003

The structured and ordered world of this metropolis cannot be identified at first. Everything in the pictures shown here appears planned, regulated; apparently effort has been taken to leave nothing to chance.

The photographs were taken in the city-state of Singapore, which desires to govern through state regulation not only the economy, but also the communal life of its inhabitants. The urge to control generates artificial spaces which seem to be utterly programmed. The artificial staging of entire living spaces is apparently intended to make the thought of leaving Singapore absolutely superfluous.
The provision of public welfare is visible in many areas of the urban environment, and the impression arises that even the building fa├žades, the transportation system and the people on the streets present themselves in a variety of norms. But as with every attempt to plan comprehensively, there are areas which deny this access and are characterized by traces of spontaneous utilization.

The pictures in the work in operation seek the fragile border between the indivi-
duality of the single person, the creative potential of society, and the state-imposed design for living. The domain between vitality and chaos, between control and social regulation has thematic resonances which sound far beyond the borders of Singapore.

70 motives
Inkjetprints 46 x 70 cm